Pro Tour Amonkhet Line up

It’s that time of the year again.

Every 3 months we have a chance to see the best players in the world get together to battle in the highest of the stages: The Pro Tour.

For some of us who are not a part of this group, the Pro Tour has it’s glamour, a dream maybe, a goal that makes us play daily to improve ourselves, waiting for our #onetime to arrive and take us there. For others it’s just a show. An event that will set the bases of what the standard format will look like, so we can choose our weapon and battle at the next FNM.

But it can be so much more. If you start looking more at the players then the decks that emerge from each tournament, you will see a whole other world. Not only magic players, but professionals, grinders, parents, business mans and woman, each one of them has their own story of what took them there and what they expect to bring home.

Dexarmy and Ligamagic are no different. We have 9 unique players battling in Nashville this weekend, and we want you to get to know them better!

Let’s start with the current champion, shall we?

Lucas Esper Berthoud

Age: 31

Occupation: Lawyer

Pro Level: Platinum

Achievements: 1 PT T8 (1 win), GP T8

Pro points this season: 33

Sometime ago Willy Edel was being interviewed in a in a podcast, and was asked if he could bring back to the tour 2 Brazilian players that had stopped playing, who it would be. One of them was this guy. For years Bertu (as he is know by his peers) was considered one of the best players in the country, but life caught up to him and he was way from the game for a while, focusing on his career as a Lawyer. Although he still works 50 hours a week, Lucas found time to play again (Sleeping is overrated) and the results came: Not only he managed to be back on the tour, he won the whole thing! He will be fighting with all he got to make Dexthird proud.

Marcio Carvalho

Age: 31

Occupation: Professional Magic Player

Pro Level: Platinum

Achievements: 3 PT T8s, 14 GP T8s (3 wins), 2016 World Championship Runner-Up

Pro points this season: 73

What to say about Marcio? Also known as Portugal’s Prince, Marcio is tearing everything this year. Sitting on 73 points already, he has a 19 points lead in the player of the year race. There are still 2 Pro Tours to go, but things are looking really good for him. Before going to GP Bologna last weekend, where he went 11-4, he posted that he was 21-0 in limited matches online. Let’s hope he keep winning at the Pro Tour as well!

Carlos Romao


Age: 34

Occupation: Store Owner

Pro Level: Gold

Achievements: 2 PT top 8s, 9 GP top 8s

Pro points this season: 42

Remember that interview I talked about? The second player Willy mentioned was Carlos. The World Champion made quite a come back last year, winning 2 Grand Prix and making the finals of Pro Tour Honolulu. I know for a fact that Carlos tested a lot for this Pro Tour (That is something he does not do in a regular basis) and is looking to catch the points missing for Platinum. If things go his way, and he makes another Top 8, who knows if he doesn’t get in the conversation for Hall of Fame this year?

Thiago Saporito

Age: 23

Occupation: Professional Magic Player

Pro Level: Platinum

Achievements: 1 PT T8, 2 GP T8

Pro points this season: 27

If you ask Thiago how he was feeling about his season, he would tell you “It will all end in Kyoto”. But in the last month, he managed to win a 560 players MOCS and top 8 GP Richmond. Bolovo’s (his nickname) career is far from over, and you will see a lot of him in the next few years, believe me!

Luis Salvatto

Age: 28

Occupation: Business Owner

Pro Level: Gold

Achievements: 1 PT T8, 4 GP T8s (1 win), 2015 SSS Champion

Pro points this season: 40

Luis has 1 Pro Tour top 8 and a top 16. Do you know how many he has played? 3!!!! He is someone to be feared, and is on his way to be the first platinum Argentinian player in a very long time. Another fun fact: He owns a business called Pollos Hermanos. Feel the pressure?

Willy Edel

Age: 37

Occupation: Entrepeneur

Pro Level: Hall of Fame

Achievements: 4 PT T8s, 8 GP T8s (1 win), HoF Class of 2015

Pro points this season: 7

The man who brought the army together! Things are a bit grim for Willy this season as his focus is not entirely on the game itself, but he can always surprise everyone with his midrange expertise.

Antonio Del Moral Leon

Age: 22

Occupation: Grinder

Pro Level: Gold

Achievements: 1 PT T8 (1 win), 2 GP T8s

Pro points this season: 16

Charly is our brewer. He always shows up for testing with his own decks, tearing down leagues on magic online with almost any deck. He has silver already locked for next season, but it’s looking for another Sunday appearance this weekend.

Pedro Carvalho

Age: 29

Occupation: MTGO Grinder

Pro Level: Gold

Achievements: 1 PT T8, 3 GP T8

Pro points this season: 14

Pedro is a guy with many faces. You will never know if you will be playing against angry Pedro or sweet Pedro. He has been a know figure at the Pro Tour this last few years, always coming up with some powerful and under the radar decks that attack the metagame in a different way. Let’s see what he has in store for us this weekend!

Sebastian Pozzo

Age: 27

Occupation: Grinder

Pro Level: Silver

Achievements: 2 GP T8

Pro points this season: 25

This has been a great season for the Argentinians. Pozzo is only a few points away from gold, and that is his goal for Nashville. Fresh off a top 8 in Porto Alegre, he knows his way around this standard format and will be giving his best to smash the competition.


Eduardo Vieira

Age: 27

Occupation: Grinder

Pro Level: Silver

Achievements: 5 GP T8 (1 win)

Pro points this season: 21

To finish our line up, we have Mtgo’s grinder L1x0. Using his silver invite for Nashville, Eduardo is aiming for at least a 11-5 finish to assure his qualification for Kyoto as well. He trained non-stop since the set went online on MTGO, and is ready to impress everyone this weekend.


That’s Dex’s and Ligamagic line up for this weekend! I hope you got to know our players a little bit more and what they are aiming for in Pro Tour Nashville!

Don’t forget to turn on the stream tomorrow and show your support for our players!


See you guys soon,


Thiago Rodrigues


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